The club currently has the following waters

Halstead Reservoir:
Known as “The Rez” to members is the clubs main specimen water with carp to over 33lb, including ghost carp from 14lb to over 30lb. It also holds an impressive head of specimen Roach, Perch and Rudd. Depths range from 6ft in the margins to 28ft in the center. This lake has some of the best carp surface fishing in Essex! The venue has been recently overhauled with newly built swims, unhooking boxes and bark chippings laid on paths and swims offering easy access for disabled anglers.

Lady Meadow:
Lady Meadow is the clubs specimen carp syndicate lake holding carp to in excess of 35lb. Around an acre in size this old roman lake is set in a picturesque wooded valley and offers seclusion and a quiet angling experience, this has long been a carp specimen hunters paradise. As mentioned this is the clubs syndicate lake and as such does not form part of the clubs standard membership, details of syndicate membership can be found on the membership pricing menu. Due to the size of the venue availability is limited to 30 syndicate memberships per season and is only available upon application.

Partridge (Yeldham Lake):
Partridge Lake is located in Yeldham and is half an acre. The fish contained in this lake are roach, rudd, bream, perch, tench and pike. Fish range from 1lb to 15lb. 

Hall lakes (Great Yeldham):
This season we have negotiated use of two lakes in Great Yeldham named The Old Mill Ponds. The Larger of the two lakes is just under one acre in size with depths of up to ten feet with varying heights throughout the entire lake. It has been extensively stocked with various silver fish ranging from 1  to 5lbs in size. The smaller pond is 1/4 of an acre with depths of up to 10 feet like her larger sister, the lake is  stocked with approximately 300 silverfish again ranging from 1 to 5lbs to provide a small but intimate water to fish. Please note, NO AUDIBLE BITE ALARMS, NO BIVVIES/TENTS, NO NIGHT FISHING,

Catley Cross:
Catley Cross. 2 Acres in size, Catley Cross Lake is the ideal pleasure anglers lake with roach, koi carp, common carp, golden orfe’s, mirror carp and crucians with tench and bream to be stocked early in this coming season. All fish stocked within the lake are between a couple of ounces and up to 10lb with over 20 new carp stocked into the waters for the upcoming 2023/24 season. A hard standing car park is provided within 10 meters of the lake that is accessible through the club’s own security gate. The lake is disabled accessible. There are no designated swims and the following lake rules apply: Please note, NO AUDIBLE BITE ALARMS, NO BIVVIES/TENTS, NO NIGHT FISHING, NO FISHING FROM THE WOODEN JETTIES.